Where can I use PicAppoint?

You can join PicAppoint anywhere in the U.S., our online visual marketing office is available 24/7. You can use a different service or a different Visual Marketing Specialist at any time without having to sign up for yet another service or learning another system. Be sure to ask everyone in your professional circle if they are on PicAppoint.

Every tour company we know of controls the entire process and staff. There are many reasons, pro and con, for why it is done this way.

Why we do it a different way
The three main reasons we have decided to do it a different way are...

1) You are not locked into 1 quality and 1 pricing system. HDR is not the only real estate photography method and low
    pricing isn't always what a Realtor is looking for.

2) You do not have to learn a new system to try a new service or photographer. We believe this will lead to the best
     quality and pricing for the industry as a whole.

3) Now you can hire the "Person" you want as well as the service you desire.



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