Playing Photographer Roulette?

Can't always have your favorite photographer? Let's solve this problem once and for all.


What problems does PicAppoint solve?

For Realtors:

1) Eliminate the middleman, 2) Eliminate phone-tag and being put on hold, 3) Eliminate high cost virtual staging and 3) Never learn another system again. Do you wish you could work directly with the photographer instead of having to call the office for what you want? Have you ever heard the tour company staff say "You'll have to call the office", "We aren't supposed to do it that way"? Or "I can't"? With PicAppoint, photographers and Visual Marketing Specialists have all the tools they need to perform any service in any manner they choose...not the central office.

For Photographers:

Would you like to determine your processes, your pricing, your hours etc? You've probably wanted to do this for awhile now but don't have all the pieces in place to make it happen. Now, you can take the leap. Imagine getting up, looking at your schedule and going to work. Once back to the office upload the photos from the day's shoots. Now your day is over. Of course, if you choose, you can decide to edit your own photos in order to deliver your signature style. Go HERE to see all the features that make this possible.

For Editors:

1) No need for a website, 2) All-inclusive service and 3) Protect your work by getting paid before download.

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