What is a True Online Scheduler?
It is a scheduling system that does not require confirmation. Since the PicAppoint system takes geo location, zip codes, service area, time and distance as well as appointment times into account, once you make an appointment, you're all set.

Imagine scheduling an appointment with "Your" photographer as you are having the listing agreement signed. Pull PicAppoint up on your phone or laptop and make the appointment while you and your sellers are face to face. Because you do not need confirmation from the photographer, you can do this day or night and on the weekend. See HERE for more.

Imagine Realtors being able to schedule and reschedule with you even as you sleep. Or, maybe even better, Realtors can schedule you as you are snapping photos for another Realtor. This is a big plus since it eliminates phone tag, missed work and distractions while setting up that perfect shot. And all because there is no need to call the Realtor back to confirm the appointment. See HERE for more.

What people are saying.

"I was able to get photos and floor plans done in one appointment."
"My client said it's the best virtual staging they had ever seen!"
Benjamin Morrison
Benjamin Morrison Realtor
"I love being able to get stuff done late at night. PicAppoint is available 24/7."
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