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The Photographer Plan.

Do you have the photography skills but lack the programming skills/knowledge to compete with the tour companies? Our plan is to give photographers every advantage possible to compete with them.

Copyrights are respected.

We respect each photographer's right to protect their work.  We do not use your images in our advertising nor do we post them on our website.  The only people who have access to your images will be those you upload them to.

Offer many services.

PicAppoint allows photographers to offer photopraphy, videos, zideos, 3D/Immersion tours, floor plans and Interactive tours. Offer all of these or just one, it is up to you.

Independent Editors.

Many great image editors are ready to work with you. Show them your process or let them show you the way they edit photos. Either way, you are sure to find great people to work with.

Awesome Workflow.

Imagine checking your schedule in the morning, going to all the appointments, coming home to upload and that's it. Done for the day. The next day, look at your edited photos, pay for them and then having the Realtor paying you directly through the payment system. All of this right from your smart phone. No scheduling issues, no editing, no transfering and no writing emails.

Accept appointments while you sleep

Open your business 24/7/365.  Yes, your website can be accessed 24/7/365 but can a Realtor make, cancel or reschedule an appointment 24/7/365?

Location based scheduling

Eliminate scheduling mistakes. PicAppoint is location based and password protected. This keeps competitors and listings outside of your service area from clogging up your schedule. Only listings in your service area will be allowed to have an appointment. You are found based on the zip codes you service and the services your provide.

Photo Transfer.

Transfer all client photos and URL links within the PicAppoint system.

Gain an employee without the cost.

You grow your business by at least 1.  How much would a full-time Customer Service rep cost? If you are able to take appointments online without having to confirm them, what is that worth? No more playing phone tag.

Everything at your fingertips.

Your phone becomes your office.  Even without cell service, you have access to your schedule because it is downloadable.

Easy use schedule

We have created the schedules to allow simple clicking of phone numbers and addresses instead of having to manually enter them.

Schedule your days off.

Take a day off.  Simply entering a day, date or appointment slot will block it from accepting appointments.

Easy slideshows.

Your subscription includes the ability to offer slideshows with every appointment.  Agents can put the photos in any order, provide a description and add details concerning beds, baths, levels, powder rooms etc.

Multiple sized photos.

The PicAppoint system creates 5 different sizes of your photos for your Realtors to choose from when downloading. This is a time saver. Many of the sites Realtors want to upload the photos too have different sized requirements. We do this automatically for you.

Offer amenity photos.

Realtors love using amenity photos for marketing purposes. Slideshows will give the agent the ability to connect amenity photos you have uploaded to the system.

Accept Online Payments.

Offering an easy way for your clients to pay is a time saver. PicAppoint has 3 different options to choose from for they way you take appointments and deliver your photos/tours. You can require payment before the system will accept an appointment. You can put use use an overlay to protect your photos until payment has been made. Or you can simply allow Realtors to pay when the it is convenient for them to do so.

No contracts.

Month to month and cancel anytime memberships.  In fact, we'll give you a 3 month FREE trial.

Independent real estate photographers have many advantages over the large tour companies. At the same time, we have an issue and that issue is lack of exposure. Independents need representation. They need someone to market the strengths and advantages of hiring the person behind the camera and not just a company. The 3 biggest advantages we have as independents are quality, price and flexibility.

We visit broker offices on behalf of our members. For ALL our members. Every method of real estate photography has its place. We do not take any position of what method is best in any way.

NO, this is not a cattle call for only a certain type of photographer. In fact, it is a call for ALL types of real estate photographers. Imagine you are a Realtor and your listings are not limited to a particular price point. In fact, as a Realtor, you have $10 million dollar listings as well as $100k dollar listings. Are you going to hire the same photographer for both of those? Since the marketing budget for each is different, it is doubtful. Realtors find it advantageous to use different types of visual marketing for different listings. Some Realtors are licensed in more than 1 state also. Geography can play a part in who the Realtor hires. How are they supposed to find you?

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