Hire the photographer not the company.
Work late at night? So does our website.
Do you need customizable slideshows?

The Realtor Plan.

PicAppoint wants to make photographers available 24/7 by allowing Realtors to schedule, reschedule and cancel appointments without needing confirmation. Now not only can you hire the same photographer but you can also do it online at your convenience.

Schedule your own appointments

Do you ever wish businesses had the same hours as Realtors? With PicAppoint you can schedule, reschedule and even cancel a photo shoot 24/7/365. Even if the tour company is closed for the day.{Many services to choose from.|closed} Different photographers offer different services at different prices. This is a great thing for Realtors.

Easy photo downloading

How many different transfer programs/apps/services are out there? Realtors do not pay for any transfer programs. We have one already built in for all photographes to use. Plus there are 5 different photos sizes to choose from when downloading.

Awesome Workflow.

One of the great features of PicAppoint is the fact that no matter which photographer you work with, you only have to learn one system. Once you learn the simple and easy PicAppoint system, it works the same no matter which service or photographer you choose.

Schedule "Your" photographer

We all want to work with people we like. With PicAppoint you can choose who you work with every time. How many times have you heard, a tour company say..."We will try to send Alexa but we can't promise", when asking for your favorite photographer?

Find photographers in your listing area.

Did you move or did your photographer retire.  For whatever reason, if the need to find a new photographer arises, you can simply choose any from the list. Photographer's websites are viewable when you order a service.

Many different tour types to choose from

There are many different services offered by photographers.  With PicAppoint, you can find photographers based on what types of services they offer.

Different styles.

Are you looking for a photographer with the right style? We've been told that some Realtors use different photographers and/or different services depending on their clients taste or depending on the listing. Find the right one through PicAppoint.

Email reminders

The day before your scheduled shoot, you will recieve an automated email reminding you of the time and place. The email includes a photo of the photographer you have hired also.

Broker access if desired

Allow brokers and/or graphic artists access to you photos. Maybe your broker offers in-house brochures and the graphic artists need access to them. If you are not in the office and you have allowed Broker Access, they can access them.

Qualified photographers

Photographers must have a professional website and samples of their work in order to use PicapPoint

Photos of photographers

It is strongly recommended that photographers include a photo of themselves. These photos will be used in the confirmation email so that Realtors can be sure this is the person that will show up to the photo shoot. If a personal photo is not provided by the photographer, it is your choice if you should use them or not.

Easy slideshows.

Configurable slideshows are available with several service types. Put the photos in any order, provide a description and add details concerning beds, baths, levels, powder rooms etc.
Have you ever wished you could find or use a different visual marketing professional for a special listing? Or maybe for an "unremarkable" listing? Do you have a listing located in an area too far away and the tour company wants to add a "Trip Charge"? One of the greatest benefits of using PicAppoint is the choices you have at your fingertips. Choices like quality, price, location, services, appointment times and most of all, the person you want to work with. Learn the PicAppoint system and you'll never have to learn another one again. Why? Because every service provider here uses the same system.

The PicAppoint System
We think what makes the PicAppoint system so great is that it was created for the industry not just for an individual company. This means any time you want to hire a different person or try a new visual marketing option, you do not have to learn a whole new system. We just think that makes sense.

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