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The Editor Plan.

Do you have the editing skills

Copyrights are respected.

We respect each editor's right to protect their work insofar as it relates to the relationship you have with photographers.  We do not use your images in our advertising nor do we post them on our website.

Control the workflow

PicAppoint has made it possible to close your availability once you have the work load you can handle.

Photo Transfer.

Transfer all client photos within the PicAppoint system.

Gain an employee without the cost.

You grow your business by at least 1.  How much would a full-time Customer Service rep cost?

No Contracts.

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No website required

Editors do not need a website to work in the PicAppoint system. If a photographer wants a test, simply do it through email. If a website were a requirement, many editors would be excluded simply because not all editors have the skills to create their own websites.

Choose who you work for.

It is important for editors to determine their own workloads. Imagine if you could only handle 5 jobs per day but suddenly were receiving 15 jobs per day. We have given you the ability to only work for a set number of photographers.

Pay before download.

Editors must use our payment system. This is important since editors will be located all over the world.

Your Processes
HDR, Flambient, Layer Blending, Batch Processing, Floor Plan Editing, ambient only, day to night and more, are all in-demand photo editing techniques. Offer all of these or specialize in one and be the best. The choice is up to you.

Overcome These Challenges
The biggest challenges editors face are 1) having a website, 2) creating and maintaining a transfer service, 3) chasing payment and 4) getting found. PicAppoint and your boss solve all of these problems but PicAppoint doesn't eat a large part of the overall fee. Make more with PicAppoint.

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